Dear world,

I’m starting again. I hope you don’t mind.

With love,


4 thoughts on “seedlings…

  1. wooo!! first comment!! (by the way – if you want this blog to be sorta anonymous just let me know and I can stop reading 🙂 It can be really weird having people who know you closely reading your stuff. i found that hard after getting married – Amof would be all like “why don’t you tell me your problems instead of airing your dirty laundry on the internet”, and last week when I posted he was like “well that was all depressed and melancholic” and i was like “no! its called introspective! don’t worry, i’m not depressed!”)

    I think this is too long for a first comment. Have probably broken some kind of bloggy law!

  2. Lol nah, not too worried about anonymity. Slightly worried that I missed your awesome garage sale this morn though. I had the massive sweet sleep in. I hope it was a party nonetheless.

    Be happy to come and pick some of that stuff up whenever your home. Gives me a good excuse to catch up with you. Hopefully, your coffee machine of utmost doom will be healed by then. Maybe we should say some words of healing over it:
    “Coffee Mach! Rise forth an caffeinate in my cup!!”

    mmm coffee…


    P.S. I like you

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