Presently engaged in transit…

Over the past few months, in various groupings of friends and acquaintances, I’ve seen quite a few people get engaged. Seriously, there’s something in the water. This time next year will see an influx of babies.

Now this COULD be discouraging for all my single ladies but I tell you, quit crying and celebrate. I love that many of my friends have found their match and who’ll walk with them on a combined journey ’til the end of this life. I think that’s great and I wish I wasn’t part of a crew of single ladies who sit on the sidelines and sigh because we can’t play the game. To my soon to be married friends, I’m cheering for you from the other playing field :).

A few weeks ago, I was sitting across from a friend who was lamenting (once again) her singleness in the midst of all her soon-to-be-married friends. I felt sad for her because there was this idea she seemed to be creating that if she were married, everything would suddenly be ok. I haven’t met a single couple who don’t experience as many downs as they do ups.
I’ve also watched many friends chase girl after girl in the hope that they’ll find the “right” girl. There’s this great expectation that the girl should transform their lives and then they wonder why their hopes are shattered when the girl doesn’t turn out to be the future Mrs Perfect after all.

What are we actually chasing? Why are we even chasing?

I mean I wonder if we place so much energy into chasing an expectation that we lose sight of the journey that we’re already on. Much to my grandmothers disappointment, I’m not married. And I don’t have the intention of being married. However, if it happens, it happens. Point is, I’m already on a journey and the journey doesn’t stop at some vague ideal of “Mr Perfect”. It continues whether he’s on that road or not.

To all my people (single or not),
I like you all. You’re on my journey and I’d like it to stay that way.

With love,


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