learning the self

I’ve been doing lots of self-discovery type stuff by way of StrengthsFinder and while it hasn’t completely revolutionised the way I see myself, it has helped me put words to some of my personal traits.

I see the world as a giant web of connections. I see stories as one birthed out of another and yet part of a greater over arching narrative. I see that everything has a purpose and is perhaps the result of something before it, and in turn will affect something proceeding it.

I love getting to know people. Each person has depth and in keeping in line with the former, each person has a story. Stories are important to me. They show me your character, your place in the great metanarrative, etc. I love relating, especially one-on-one. It’s important for me to go deep. It’s also important for me to trust you in that journey of relating.

For my next life career, I would either like to be a builder or a mechanic. Today, I watched my mechanic go through a Warrant of Fitness check ticking of all the things that were right with my car. Then it occurred to me why I was more interested in doing courses in Engine Mechanics, than I was in Beauty Therapy. I love restoring the broken things. Again, in keeping with connections, I love pulling things apart to see how they work. Everything is the result of something else and if something isn’t working, then the whole thing falls.

I like to live in the now. Tomorrow brings about her own concerns. We have enough for now. If things happen that detract from my mission of the day, then that’s ok. I expect that things will come up that will disrupt how my day was initially planned out. I can adapt on a whim. Why worry? We’ll figure it out.

We’re all part of something bigger than ourselves. We’re part of a network of people responsible for each other. This is why I believe we shouldn’t hurt each other. Because everything ultimately affects us. Take Fair Trade for instance… we’re responsible for our global community. My non-negotiables are about ethics and people. We should love each other. We should treat each other with dignity.

If you haven’t already guessed, Connectedness is pretty much the one trumper I need. Everything else kinda works itself into the big C. Ah super connected ay?! Yep, that’s me.


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