25 years later…

Yesterday I celebrated my 25th birthday. And you know what? It was pretty cool. The people who have journeyed with me most in the last couple of years were mostly there. And let’s face it, I spent more of my life with people I work with, than anyone else. But they’re not just my workmates. They’re my friends and whanau.

So despite having to celebrate my birthday “working”, it was good. I learnt lots, courtesy of Mike King. I enjoyed the most beautiful sunrise with Jess, courtesy of God. I got the sweetest cake ever, courtesy of Rach and Sharon. AND I got some sweet presents, courtesy of Sharon, KW, Philippa and Robstar.

And then we got to sit around a table and eat cake!! Pretty much made my day really.

So here’s to 25 years and to the beginning of another set of 25. I hope it’s a cool journey and I hope we can continue to add more cool little stories to the massive sweet one that’s already happening.


3 thoughts on “25 years later…

  1. I absolutely love how the highlights of your birthday are so simple. We love you Lani and I’m stoked I was there to share in those moments with you.
    You’re beautiful you know!

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