life and complexities

When I was blogging away back in the day, through my years of study at what is now known as Laidlaw College, I used to have these funny moments. Every now and then, I would lament about how crap life was, in some deep reflective way that was just emo enough scratch the surface of what I was really feeling.

I’m having one of those moments…
..where life is just passing by my office window in slow motion. There’s nothing there though. It’s just movement. It’s like the thing itself is way back somewhere pushing against the wall of air to get to here.
..where life is speeding so fast, I can’t see it and somewhere ahead of me, it’s stopped teasing me. Waiting for me to catch up and be within arms reach before it speeds off again.
..where life is motionless. That is all.

I want to end this by saying “But somewhere in the midst of it all, God is there”
BUT, I don’t feel like it.



One thought on “life and complexities

  1. I’ve been feeling a little the same lately and I wonder if some of it is due to all the stress (known and unknown) that we’ve been under with all that’s happened in the past month.

    The rest of it is probably just an individual “valley” thing I guess. Often when I’m in the valley I’d rather meander there and feel emo about it than actually try to get out. But maybe that’s just me.

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