Practicing rhythms

In a reasonably recent blog update by Don Miller, he talks about how he creates a routine for himself that best utilises his time and increases productivity. He says he finishes each day at 9pm ready for an early rise which includes walking his dog, a morning coffee, (this is the part where I could start making things up), etc. You get the gist of what I’m saying right? Then he turns off his cellphone, shuts down his emails and writes. Something like that.

This got me thinking about creating a rhythm that best utilises my time and increases personal productivity, not just in work but in life. I’m really enjoying this whole no facebook thing. It’s amazing. I think everyone should try it, especially if you’re addicted to being nosey or wondering whether the world has something to communicate with you. For the past few days, I’ve awoken in the morning, put a plunger of coffee on and sat down to read the recent news stories on the NZ Herald website. Then I’ve picked up a book I started reading 6 months ago (and never got past the first chapter until last week) and I’ve read a chapter or sub-chapter (I quite like chapters within chapters. They give me time to think/reflect).

And the past few evenings, I’ve ended my day with a thought-provoking and reflective devotional out of a book I got for Christmas, and 9 or so chapters of Joshua. And perhaps afterwards I might journal all my frustrations about Joshua… “God, I know you’re almighty and stuff… and I think it’s great that you were with Moses/Josh and his/their people through all their great adventures… and you really looked after them… that’s awesome… But… when Achan sinned, did his entire family really have to die?… and when Josh and his bros took whole cities, did they really have to kill the women and kids too?…?…???”

God and I are having good moments. These questions- like many questions I have for him- aren’t questions I want an answer to. I’m content with the fact that I probably won’t ever fully comprehend God’s character from start to whenever eternity ends :P. But the point is, it’s been a long time since we’ve these moments. In many ways I kinda missed him. It’s weird because he never really went away.

But anyway, I’m feeling inspired. That book I started 6 months ago:
“Presence –Centred Youth Ministry” – Mike King (not the NZ comedian)
It’s an amazing read thus far and I actually recommend it, even if you aren’t in youth ministry. There’s so much here that can be applied to various aspects of our lives. But for me personally, as a youth worker running numerous programmes, I think about the importance, yet unimportance of these programmes. In my first year I remember walking into a classroom and meeting a bunch of young people who weren’t so quick to trust me. I invited them to programmes and they became regular youth group attendees. But it wasn’t youth group that they were after. In the two years that followed after that first meeting, we journeyed. Despite their anti-religious sentiments, they came along to bible studies, ate with me and read scriptures with me. We grabbed hot chocolates (iced chocs in the summer) after school and talked about life. They had birthday parties that they invited me to and I attended. The programme was the stepping stone to the relationship. And it wasn’t until this morning that I really truly recognised this.

And somehow this excites me about this present year. That there’s room to really be in community with young people and create experiences that really show who God is. They come to be part of a community, to be together, not simply because it gives them something to do. And may I continue to bear this in mind when I’m journeying through the valleys this year, because we all know these valleys are inevitable.



One thought on “Practicing rhythms

  1. Lani, I love that you stalk Don Miller as much as I do. And I agree with you and think he’s right – sometimes we need to step out of how crazy and busy the world is and just take time to create space for ourselves. I’m excited for this year and all that it could be. I’m looking forward to see how your journey goes 🙂

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