re-learning, re-discovering, re-inspired

I’ve had to re-learn a few things these last few weeks. It’s kinda like starting again. I’ve had to re-learn what life was like before facebook. A few weeks ago, my dear boyfriend asked me, “what did you do before facebook?” I couldn’t even give a real answer. Now the question of the week is, “what did I do before I had a car?” If you’re not in the know, through a series of unfortunate circumstances, I lost my car. It’s complicated and the blogosphere isn’t the best place to discuss it, but it happened and that’s all there is really. At the moment, I’m re-discovering what life was like before the convenience of my vehicle. I guess there was the bus, and I walked places.
Actually, while it seems incredibly inconvenient and IS incredibly inconvenient, there’s a part of me that is quite relieved to be without those conveniences. I’ve had to learn to stay home when I’ve wanted to drive across town and save people from their own despair. I’ve had to learn to keep it simple.

I’ve also been re-inspired, re-learning what it was that got me into this profession that is youth work. I think it’s one of those things I have to keep re-learning. And the more frequently I do it, the more I find I can survive another week, or perhaps even another month. Last week, we as a collective brother/sisterhood of youth workers got together and as I looked around the room, I thought, here is a group of people committed to the same cause I am. They’re my family, the people who not only get why I’m doing what I’m doing, but the people who do it. I’m constantly asked by people when I’m going to go back to uni, get a degree and find a real career. I HAVE a degree. I HAVE a career. It may not be the hugest money maker but it’s what makes me feel closest to God’s heart.

And it’s interesting how much more I know people I’ve been associated with for a long time. It’s like I’ve been connected with peoples realities and i’m rediscovering that people are more than facebookers. Sure, it’s easy to hide behind a happy face, but it’s even easier to hide behind a happy status update. It’s impossible to read between lines when your status update is simply one line.
That’s not to say that the virtual world doesn’t work as an unsuperficial medium. I know of fantastic twitter communities consisting of people who tweet up (meet up) and share elements of life together. But how easy is it to forget that there’s a person behind the words that appear before your screen? And how much beauty is there in a conversation of smiles? There’s something amazing about how a computer monitor works but there’s something even more beautiful about the intricate workings of the human person. There’s a genuine smile, a loving embrace, the sadness in eyes, the fury in vocal tones, etc.


2 thoughts on “re-learning, re-discovering, re-inspired

  1. Yeah you’re a TERRIBLE friend. haha… yeah it was all a bit complicated. It wasn’t one of those public knowledge things. It was something people knew about if they asked me haha. Although, it’s forced me to enjoy walks to work which has been quite pleasant 🙂

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