FreeStore = WIN

I LOVE this. LOVE it.

I’ve always been a little bit iffy about dumpster diving. I mean, I think it’s ok but there’s a few factors that hold me back from doing it. Firstly, I work for a church so would never want to bring their name into disrepute. Secondly, it’s actually trespassing and stealing. Thirdly… well there is no thirdly.

HOWEVER, there is SOOOOO much good food that goes to waste that could be better used to feed people who can’t afford it. It’s a huge waste. And what fires me up is that they chuck everything out with its packaging. So you could have fish on a tray wrapped in plastic. The fish is organic waste, therefore needs to go in the green bin. The tray is generally recyclable, so will find home in the yellow bin and the plastic wrap is rubbish and thus belongs in the red bin. They don’t all belong in the skip. Now I know it’s an inconvenient set up to have to separate it all, but even less convenient is a non-sustainable planet that dies because we killed it.

BUT ANYWAY, I’m pretty inspired by the big idea of Free Store. and I’m starting to wonder if we could convince local supermarkets to do the same. I’m sure we have enough people in the church growing enough vegetables to donate produce. We have a consistent bread run. Could we as a church pick up the idea of Free Store? Man this could be quite an exciting adventure. Quite exciting.

I feel inspired but I’m not sure what I’ll do with it.


4 thoughts on “FreeStore = WIN

  1. I have often wondered this myself. But I also wonder if we should be working in with organisations that are already doing stuff like this and helping them do it better. Like the Free Store on Blenhiem Road. Fodder for our next chat.

  2. That’s actually what I had in mind Abi. Because I’m not sure if I just went to a supermarket and asked them to donate a whole pile of damaged goods to me that they’ll just give it to me. It’d be so much handier to be able to go in under a trusted organisation. Charity barns kinda work and they have the physical space to be able to do it. Blenheim Rd needs a huge overhaul though.

    I guess this idea of Freestore is different in that it’s edible goods. Hmmm I’m keen Sharon. Actual.

  3. Oh Man I did the grocery shop last night and was appalled by how much it cost!!! I just don’t know how people on low/no incomes are surviving. It’s just getting worse! I honestly nearly cried the more I thought about it 😦
    Why can’t good fruit and veges by exempt from GST, it’s no wonder that people buy bad food it’s so much cheaper!!

    Man I’m in Lani!! I’ll turn our whole back yard into a garden if it’s gonna feed people!!!

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