What wins?

I’ve just started reading Rob Bell’s new book “Love Wins”.

I’m not really sure what to say about it other than that in the first chapter he asks the very questions I feel like I’ve been asking since years ago. Sometimes I wish I had my own personal ‘Neo’ like Dan Poole in Brian McLaren’s “New Kind of Christian” series. Then perhaps I’d have someone to catch and deflect my rant.


10 thoughts on “What wins?

  1. Hi Llama,
    I googled the book (the library has it on order) and it seems it has generated a lot of controversy!! “bad for Christianity” and “the heretical Rob Bell” were headlines of my first two matches….

    CBN chaplain and Regent University theology professor Joel Palser:
    “Apparently this is a pastor who has written a book who has grown uncomfortable contending for the faith. He is no longer able to defend what the Bible says and has endeavored to make that more palatable to modern culture.”

    This one is actually pro-Bell, despite the title: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/cathleen-falsani/rob-bell-heretic-schmeret_b_835606.html

    Anyway I’m glad that you’re finding a book that is pushing the right buttons for you. πŸ™‚

  2. I really don’t like Rob Bell… I need to say that from the start. – that’s a lie I like a lot of his NOOMA stuff…

    I have read his books (including the latest ‘Love Wins’) and often he’s just asking questions that don’t need to be asked… Like ‘does it matter that Mary was a Virgin’… well for a start it does as it says in the Bible, (so it has to be truthful as it’s Gods word) secondly, who would listen to the towns tramp?
    Brian McLaren is the same (in fact they use the same line of thought) – In saying that… I like the debate around what they say, and I like how it’s great that someone is asking SOME of these questions…. however it becomes dangerous when you’re preaching these thoughts… it’s alright for people who can discern… the problem is a lot of younger Christians don’t know enough to question these thoughts and search for them their selves – doesn’t it say in the Bible test all things 1 Thes 5:21.
    Where ‘Love Wins’ falls short is that Rob seems to believe one thing in one chapter… and think something totally different the next. Someone of his stature surely must know the influence that he might have… so wouldn’t you want to cement your theology BEFORE you start writing a book on the subject?

    With people like Brian and Rob… read them… but take what they say with a grain of salt… compare them to people that YOU KNOW are Biblically theologically sound… and read the Bible…

    TEST ALL THINGS… just because they have made you think of a new way of thinking… doesn’t mean it’s the right way of thinking aye???

    • I love CS Lewis… I’m guessing you’re a Rob fan.

      However I don’t necessarily agree with everything Mr Lewis says either… for instance CS Lewis often has issues with Psalms. I don’t see that the same as “All scripture is God breathed (inspired)”

      The issue that people like Mr Bell have is they have fans who don’t stop to test what he says… we can’t be totally unwavering fans of anyone (including CS Lewis)… because they are only giving their view based on their experiences.

      Like for instance on his church website one of the resources that he tells you to read to help understanding his book is The Inescapable Love of God by Thomas Talbott… a book about why Universalisim is the best way. Yet Rob says he doesn’t believe in universalisim?

      I love AW Tozer – but his wife Ada said when he died β€œI have never been happier in my life, Aiden [Tozer] loved Jesus Christ, but Leonard Odam loves me” . – but I don’t want to live a life where I talk about love and have a wife that doesn’t feel that love.

      My view (and it’s only my view) … is read Rob, read Brian… read Tozer… read Lewis… but don’t become fans that don’t ask the questions.

      Thats all I’m saying…

  3. Who says that what one person says is biblically correct. I guess what I am asking is find me someone in theological history, who has not been contested by another theologian. Even the men who write our God given word, often speak different theological thoughts. You’re asking people to choose one thought over anothers, and yet no one has ever not been argued against. That seems impossible. Infact I think nothing will be comfirmed about Christian Theology until you go to Heaven.

    I am a young Christian, by the way, and I am quite happy to test all things.

  4. I feel a bit mad to be honest. You have shared that the first chapter has echoed questions that you have felt and suddenly people are trying to argue about the controversy and the rightness or wrongness of the author. And I feel mad that I started to get involved, that I let it get to me. Ramblin’ Woman we should be honouring your questions, saying that is great that you are feeling the echo’s of your spirit in what is being written. So I apologise for allowing the argument get in the way of hearing you.

  5. πŸ™‚ Thanks outtotheuniverse
    To be honest, It gets pretty hard to share what you really think when no one’s actually asking what you think. And I haven’t even finished the book yet anyway so while I appreciate the debate for sure, I’d like to be given a leg to stand on first.

    I’m pretty sure some of you are fairly well aware of my standing. But that standing I’ll keep within my safe spaces until I’ve articulated those thoughts.

    In much aroha,
    L πŸ™‚

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