Effects of a transitory kind…

I’ve lived in my current place for almost two years and it’s quite interesting to see how much I haven’t bothered to unpack. When my mum moved up to Wellington a couple of years ago, things had to permanently move from the place I grew up in. You know how you keep some stuff with you at your new flat and keep all your other stuff at the place you’ve always known as home? And it’s not like the place was home, it was the fact that my family was there that made it home. But when home packed up and moved away, it became a little less accessible to leave stuff there. So I packed lots of it in boxes. Most of those boxes came with me. Some sit untouched in my room. Others sit untouched in the garage.

It’s kinda like I live with this expectation that tomorrow I could be gone. And flats are a bit awkward like that. When you’re a student, you live there for a year and generally, one person stays while most of the flat disbands. And that’s not because everyone hates each other, it’s just that, that’s kind of how it is. After highschool, those of us who don’t get married super early or don’t have stable functioning families to live with, become nomads in a sense. We leave home to study, we go flatting with our friends until it turns out we don’t like them as much as we thought we did. And we’re searching aimfully. It’s not aimless at all. We aim to find something that catches us in the belonging (‘belonging’ is totally like a limb). We aim to find something that gives us hope and meaning.

So yesterday, I pretty much decided that here in this place that I live in, I’m home. So I hung up some photo frames and made the space my own. Things could disband at any time. It’s possible that Mr Rapture dude in America is wrong about October 21st. Maybe it’ll happen tomorrow. Who knows? All I know is that while I’m here, I may as well lay down some foundations. And I’m currently journeying with some people I really like. They draw reason from my grumpy rants and we’re growing. We’re trudging our way through some challenging questions about life, community and eternity.

I guess the thought for today is… maybe I should unpack more?


One thought on “Effects of a transitory kind…

  1. I like the idea that belonging is like a limb – it really should be. And you’re right – I think even those people who do get married and “settle” still search for that. I think the bigger picture about hope and meaning is that you can’t find it in another human person because they’ll always let you down in some area. But you grow together and that’s pretty cool.

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