A few odds and ends…

Considering the last post I published was October 2011, there might be more than a few odds and ends. I’ll make a list yeah?

1. I got married. Last year, I married the man of my dreams. It feels a little cliche to say that but he really is. I’ve never met a man more matching. I once heard a description of myself that went like this: “she’s laidback to the point of comatose”. Someone else said I was actually “dormant”. No no… my husband, he’s dormant. We’re not great at making decisions. We could drive round and round in circles trying to find a place to have dinner, but I’m pretty quick to get frustrated. I get so angry and just pick a place or I get really angry and make him pick a place.
But alas, he’s my dream guy. He plays the guitar, loves the blues, will eat anything, is keen to learn about culture, Samoan language, loves my family, my niece and nephew love him, he makes me laugh, he’s a total geek, he’s full of energy and loves me.

2. I took a church break. Husband and I are almost at the end of month 2 of our church break. When I decided I was going to step out, I said it wasn’t because I was losing faith, but because I was tired. I don’t like saying I’m tired of the institution because I really believe the institution works for some people. I’m not tired or fed up with the institution. I think I’m just tired. I got to that point on a Sunday morning where I was distracting people around me. My husband has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), but I have sermon ADD. Serious. I can’t pay attention and none of it sticks. I wouldn’t be able to tell you of a single sermon I listened to last year (sorry if you’re reading this and happened to speak at one of the services I was at). And as part of the music team, I felt like I only ever turned up out of my guitar/vocal playing obligations. I was told to come with a worshipful heart because I had to lead people with my worshipful heart but I had no such thing.
Taking a break is hard. It means I have to find my own space to figure out who I want to be to God and how I want our relationship to take place. That’s scary. It’s personal. No one’s preaching at me to go do something and something else. I have to find God myself. It’s hard to get disciplined and it’s hard to even start because though I’ve been in these spaces before, I have no idea what I might discover… about God, about people, about myself.

3. We got a puppy. Some people ask me whether it was Hubby’s idea, but it was both of us. Truth is, I was probably the more pushy one. The company is nice. Usually I’m at home by myself. It’s hard at the moment because she’s so incredibly dependent on us. She’s lovely though. Takes a lot of patience but she seems to love us and seems to love being loved.

Anyway, that’s all I’ll post right now. Things to do, people to see! I’ll be back though… hopefully no doubt.
I might even use this to replace facebook hehe.



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