Make & Create

I actually just want to keep posting about food. I made this freakin’ awesome curry tonight. It was super spicy but lucky for us, we love spicy food! Spinach, tomato, spring onions and mozzarella on a salada for breakfast;  a rib eye fillet steak with bok choy, capsicum and garlic for lunch; and a delicious curry for dinner.

This whole clean eating thing is really interesting. I mean, there are most definitely limitations, like for instance, can’t eat broccoli but can eat cauliflower; can’t eat red capsicum but green is fine. But there is no limitation on creativity and I just love being able to create something from very little. The possibilities are just endless. I get in the zone and I’m all go. OH yeah and for afternoon tea, I made these little apple tarts using salada crackers. They were also freakin’ amazing.

Anyway, I have a literature review to write. Something else I should create from something…

Love & peace,



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