Sport & Competition

I’m a little bit competitive. In fact, maybe a big bit competitive.

When we were younger, my siblings and I turned everything into a competition…
Who could say the alphabet the fastest?
Who could say the alphabet backwards the fastest?
Who could finish solitaire on the computer the fastest?
Who could text fastest?
Connect Four tournaments…
Who could write faster neater?
Who could write neater? (“mum, mum which one’s neater?!”)

Our parents raised us to get it all out on the sports field or watching rugby or league games on TV. Game day had us all sitting in front of the TV shouting. My brother and I did it at cricket matches too. Some ask how anyone could get excited about cricket, but it’s beautiful once you get to know it.

So, when my brother was 7, he joined a rugby club. When I was 9, I started with kiwi-netball. 8am starts on wintery frosty mornings = not cool. But it was where I really developed my personality. It was where I began developing a stronger sense for what was wrong and what was right. So I played netball right up until I was a teenager. It was when I was in my teens that things started going a bit more pear-shaped. My coach was acting in ways unfair and favouring players (such as her own daughter). So I wanted less to do with the sport.
And I took up football. That’s where the agro really got put to the test. I was side-lined once for swearing at a referee for making an unfair/unjust call against one of my team-mates. I was the aggressive goalkeeper who could watch everything that was happening. Sometimes I think the goalies see more than the ref. But some girl in the opposition milked a penalty for everything it was worth (and some) and ref gave it to her. Let’s face it, football is a game for the biggest of “sooks”. And the more you can milk it, the better an asset you are.

But then I stopped sport after I left highschool and started piling on the pounds. I turned into the ultimate spectator – taking in the sights of the game but staying away from the field. And I also married the most non-competitive person I’ve ever met. He’s wonderful really but I have to get the competitive juices going somehow. So I’m giving it a miss this season to get my health in balance, and next year, we’ll be all go. Yesterday, I joked with my husband about how I’ll probably get out there, get injured and pile the pounds back on haha.

As of yesterday I was down 16.8kgs.
That’s one leap closer to sporting 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sport & Competition

  1. 16.8kgs? Noice work, llama! I’ve heard that far as sports go, indoor netball can be quite ‘fun’ if you’re in a social league. Maybe I’ll do that one day? Walking can be boring…
    I’ll race ya to the foxes. Go!

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