My Food Revolution

I’m 8 weeks into a personal food revolution and I’ve lost 18.4kgs. That’s quite a lot. Some people don’t lose quite as much in such a short time on this program but usually the more you have to lose, the faster you lose it. I have a fair amount to lose before I get to goal.

Jamie Oliver did this show once on a food revolution. It was really interesting. He basically went round America and tried to change the way people saw food. The one episode that I watched, consisted of Jamie going along to a schools board meeting thing where he attempted to change what people were serving in school cafeteria’s. It was a fair call. The amount of sugar they were feeding their children was enough to overfill a school bus (he actually filled a bus with sugar too – good shock value but apparently not shocking enough). People just didn’t want to shift their ways of thinking. And I hear those people. It’s so easy to consume whatever you want because it’s simpler (and sometimes cheaper) than making your own food. And we consume without reading labels. It says it’s edible and it looks edible so it must be edible. But really, it’s got a million preservatives in it, is low in fat but super high in sugar, and isn’t going to do you much good.

So my husband and I are on our own food revolution. We’re on a journey that as I’ve said before, we’re both currently enjoying. And our goals are still the same – to be at a point where we can bike together, tramp and hike together, run together, and just be together.

Talk soon xx


One thought on “My Food Revolution

  1. 18.4?!?! You’re a machine! Great work 🙂 I lost 5kg over the past 2 years (put some back on then had to lose it again), and that was hard yakka. But you’re so right, a lot of it is about changing patterns/attitudes/traps that we’ve fallen into. The good part is that a lot of what we change comes to feel more natural – I get cravings for fruit and veges when I don’t have enough – who ever thought that would happen?!?! And now checking packaging is second nature… Which is good, as you sometimes find some surprising things on there..

    However, when i’m really hungry I still want chips, every time. Hehe.

    Well done on starting that journey of revolution. Here’s to you and the hubbo’s health *raises large glass of water*.

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