How Star Trek is helping me study…

My husband loves science fiction and Japanese anime. These are two things I discovered about him a good while ago. We had dinner with some Star Trek-loving friends a while ago and a conversation started about hubby’s love for the “Back to the Future” series. This steadily progressed into Star Wars and then into Star Trek. At that point, I had never seen an episode or movie of Star Trek. I enjoyed the good Star Wars movies, but Star Trek was a bit beyond me. Dad enjoyed it and I would sit with him long enough to spot a few strange looking faces, then walk away and do something I deemed cooler. I’ve never been huge on the Sci-Fi genre because everything felt really ridiculous. But then, I loved fantasy novels. As a 12 year old I started on the Phillip Pullman “Northern Lights” series (I wasn’t too amused by the last book though). I began the Lord of the Rings trilogy when I was 13. As a teenager, I delved into the Harry Potter series and as a young adult I joined the masses of Twilight readers. Though it’s not a particularly well-written series, there’s certainly enough to keep you gripped.

So a couple of weeks ago, my husband and I rented the blockbuster film and that’s where I began my introduction to Star Trek.
I met all these characters I had seen pass me by in my childhood: Captain Kirk, Spock… And all these people/beings that I had previously seen had developed character and personalities. Then I started getting interested in their personalities. I was interested in the relationship between Spock and his mother, and then too Spock and his father and then Spock’s mum and Spock’s dad. How does that all work? How does Spock work? Does he just choose to flick between all logic/no emotion and some logic/some emotion etc. Actually, I find Spock really interesting.

And I’m suddenly thinking about how it can be quite hard to really know who people are. I had previously dismissed the people on the starship whatsits as simply being aliens/humans on a space craft. But there’s quite a lot of depth (and also quite a lot of non-depth, but you get characters like that – in fact Captain Kirk kind of annoys me sometimes. And in turn I got thinking about my current field of study. I’ve been finding it really hard to get motivated. When you’re no longer part of a church community, you suddenly feel like you’re on the outside, and when you associate “being Christian” with “being inside”, you start to wonder whether you’re part of the “Christian community” anymore. So all purpose for doing anything sorta flies out the window. But there’s this one fact that has remained since I was a child. I love people. I love talking to people. I love seeing how people think. My parents used to say I was quite an annoying kid because I spent so much time asking questions of people. I laugh because my niece is exactly the same. And it ties into my belief that people are inherently good (It’s hard when you come across psychopathic behaviour, but that’s something I’m still trying to figure out). People are intended for good, and the deeper you delve into people’s characters, the more you’ll find. It’s like the journey of the dwarves in the series “Once Upon a Time”. They’re trying to get their friends Snow and Emma back to Storybrooke from the other realm, so they’re mining for crystals and eventually, they go deep enough to find the crystals that will make them some fairydust to get their friends back.

If you dig deep enough, you might just find something that’ll make you smile. And perhaps if I keep watching, I might just find some sparkly goodness in the captain πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “How Star Trek is helping me study…

    • Oh boy, Capt. Picard is awesome. Even though Kirk is a tiny bit annoying, there’s still something to be said for his brash leadership style (though Picard’s contemplative style is also a plus). And though I didn’t know him very well, I was really sad by how Kirk went in Generations. Still quite the hero. We’re about to start watching some episodes tonight… I’m a little bit excited. I’m even giving up Tuesday Trashy TV night for this… wow… the geeks have won me over! πŸ˜›

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