Marriage Equality…

I’m cool with it.

It’s a very simple way of explaining things but I can’t be bothered with the debate and honestly, I think it’s a waste of time. I have gay relatives whom I love dearly so in many ways, it’s a personal thing. But on a philosophical level I’m not opposed either. If my hubby and I had been alive and met a few hundred years ago, I’m sure we’d have got a whole lot more frowns (I’m brown and he’s white). And while I know it’s completely different, the love isn’t. You can’t tell a gay person that their love for their partner isn’t real, or is second class to your own for your partner. While I understand it’s a contentious issue particularly within the faith I belong to, it just doesn’t make sense to inhibit love more than it’s already inhibited. An emotionally driven response? Perhaps so, but there’s nothing wrong with emotion sometimes :).

So yesterday was a momentous day for some of my family members and friends in New Zealand. And so I’ll raise my glass of water to celebrate with them.



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