It’s happening… Star Trek is winning me over…

Perhaps a lot of it is to do with being married to an engineer with an affinity for science-fiction. Either way, it’s happening. I was reading an article the other day that featured a short interview with Guy Pearce, who is the latest badass in Iron Man 3 (good movie btw). He talked about how he wasn’t a big fan of fantasy because that stuff is totally unreal, but science-fiction however, presents possibilities. It’s about the movements of technology and how vast and unexplored it is (as well as the entire universe).

I was thinking just before about how easy it is to love something and hide it. I read all these stories and blogs about closet Trekkies and it kinda makes me sad that people don’t own what they really like. That said, I’m sure I would have punished my siblings if any of them told me they were really into Star Trek. It was just one of those really geeky things that us cool kids would never go near. Now I’m thinking that perhaps it’s a little misunderstood (previously by myself also). I’m not going to profess that I’m a Trekkie, by no means. That’s a little extreme. But I am interested. There’s a lot more depth than I originally gave it credit. Every now and then it frustrates me how fickle humans can be assuming some sort of “superior race complex”, but it’s every bit like the journey of race, culture and ethnicity that we experience here on earth.

On an episode I watched most recently, the Starship Enterprise and a rival spaceship owned and operated by the Ferengi’s was immobilised by a planet that had previously lost all it’s Empire and so too civilisation. While there is tension between the two, they seek to work together to overcome the planet’s energy-sucking forces. So a bunch of Picard’s staff & and a few of the Ferengi’s beam down only to have the Ferengi’s turn on team SSE. They eventually awaken from some kind of stupor and meet the planet humanoid. He asks a riddle of Commander Riker who responds well and earns the respect of said humanoid. They become acquainted and humanoid lets the SSE go. But then he asks Riker if he should get rid of the Ferengi’s and Riker’s response is gracious. Basically he says no and that while they’re violent and deceptive, there’s much they could learn and there’s nothing they’d learn from being destroyed. When we think about human history, the things we’ve learned from having destroyed each other can be summarised down to “how to regret”.

I think that’s kind of the beauty of Star Trek. It has this base awareness of smallness vs magnitude. Not everything exists to be self-serving (the whole universe doesn’t revolve around the earth), but there’s kind of a beautiful interweaving between races, aliens, etc. (It does kinda annoy me though that sometimes when the SSE lands on some strange planet, they start referring to the beings there as aliens – you’ll find me shouting at Picard “But YOU’RE the alien!!” – nevertheless, a small piece of annoyance). And then on the SSE, you’ve got lots of people & other beings working together, everyone possessing a different strength or gift. It’s cool beans. You should try it sometime.

Love & aliens,



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