Don’t judge Chris Brown…

I wrote this last week when I was away in Palmerston North… just some things I was thinking about…

My friend (and now sister-in-law) and I, used to get together often and chat about life. It was an open forum where we could come and chat about things we were struggling with, things worth celebrating and a little something that we were learning from popular culture. We had plenty of teachers – Lady Gaga, Pink, Pussy Cat Dolls, etc. Sounds ridiculous I know, but even though they like to talk crap (or sing crap), popstars always have something on their mind that might be worth hearing. You might be surprised.
I love lots of different styles of music. Lots. My mum had a Bryan Adams tape for the car. After the John Farnham one crapped out, Bryan was the only voice we heard while in the car, except at Christmas time when the Boney M Christmas album was busted out. Is it any wonder we bought Bee Gees and Westlife for the parents when we could? A little more variation is preferable. They had lots of records too… mostly Beatles. Dad was a Genesis/Phil Collins fan and was in to UB40 and Bob Marley. As teenagers, my brother and I really got into Hip Hop/R&B (like most brown kids), and further along I started listening to more metal, punk, blues, etc.

Today was Chris Brown day.
He was made famous quite young for a series of pop hits he made when he was 16 or something. These days people know him better for things like beating Rihanna, cheating on Rihanna, Rihanna, etc.
I recently heard one of his songs. He might have written it or it may have been written for him. Either way I don’t know, but it seems appropriate. The song is called “don’t judge me”. He’s basically singing it to a girl pleading with her not to judge him for his previous actions. He doesn’t deny his previous wrongdoings but asks that she don’t hold them against him.
“Please don’t judge me.
I won’t judge you.
‘Cause it could get ugly before it gets beautiful,” he sings.
…Or it could just get ugly.

The guy has a point ay. I’m away in Palmerston North at the moment and I’m absolutely useless without my home comforts. I just kinda mull around and watch stupid TV. I happened to watch a little bit of Entertainment TV while I was waiting for Home n Away and they were doing an expose on bad fathers. Among the list of bad dads was Tiger Woods, made famous for his cheating scandal. There was a media lady talking about how he’ll never live it down and how life is going to suck for his kids because even though they were young when it all happened, the whole history of Tiger’s indiscretions is posted all over the internet now and that’s a permanent imprint on his kids future. I guess it’s true that with the internet, there’s no living anything down. Once it’s up, it’s up. I can’t imagine how awful that would be. Thank God I’m not famous. Don’t think I like the idea of Fishbowl-living. In saying that though, I also don’t have the greatest track record. I think I’ve said that before. I told Drew about all my previous mistakes pretty early in our relationship. He said they were part of what made me me and he was so proud of who I was that he chose to love all of me as I was. And the mistakes haven’t been all mine. I’m just as proud of my husband and who he is and the journey he’s taken to discover who he is, even if that hasn’t been all great.

I guess it just makes me think about the way we treat people. There’s often not a whole lot of room for second chances. We as spectators can be horribly brutal when it comes to an indiscretion made by one of our heroes. I wonder what the reaction would have been if Richie McCaw did what Tiger Woods did? I wonder how New Zealand would respond? I’m not sure. I mean, what both Tiger & Chris did were awful things, but will Tiger ever be a well-respected golfer again? Will Chris Brown still sell albums like he did before?

Just something I’m thinking about.

Take me as I am,
Not who I was…


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