Te Whare of Earl Grey

It’s been a while since I posted anything. I guess life has been a little busy. I’m an almost qualified social worker so let me update while thinking about Maori frameworks of care.

Taha Tinana
My physical health seems to have taken a backburner in light of everything going on. While I’ve been on a journey of eating some great food, these past two months have seen some not so great food enter my mouth. It’s not been the greatest time but we’re working at getting back on track.

Taha Wairua
Drew and I have been on a spiritual journey and just recently we attended a Presbyterian gathering in Wellington full of people thinking about new ways of doing and being a church community. Drew and I were there with 2 other couples from our church gathering and it was really cool having encouraging and challenging conversations with these, our people, getting to know them a little better, and understanding them a little deeper.

Taha Whanau
When we came back to Christchurch, we brought our 6 year old niece with us. Spending time with her has been lovely. She’s a curious girl full of questions about life. But it’s really hard trying to explain DNA, chromosomes and Downs Syndrome to a 6 year old. Also, since I wrote my last post, my younger 17 year old sister came to live with us. She’s pretty cool. Drew’s been teaching her to drive and teaching her cooking skills. He’s also pretty cool.
And in other news, my best lady is getting married. I’m really really excited about this.
On the other, not so exciting, side of it all, Drew’s aunt is really sick at the moment. We’re really worried about her and Drew’s mum and grandma, and how they’re taking it.

Taha Hinengaro
How am I feeling? I guess all of the above contribute to this sense of “doing ok”. It’s been a long time since we felt really spiritually enriched and that enrichment has brought me to a place of being ok with my spirituality. It’s pretty hard to understand, but I’m in a place of contentedness. I’m in talks with an organisation about a possible job offer. After two years of some pretty hard study. This is exciting. It’s also exciting when businesses don’t actually have the position but are jumping through hoops to find money and get you to work for them, because you are someone valuable to them.

So yeah… that’s my update for now.
Shower time and meeting time, now that I’ve finished my Earl Grey.



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