Halfway baby

We did it. We reached the halfway mark. 20 weeks down, 20 to go.

I wouldn’t be very honest if I said I wasn’t scared shitless. Tomorrow brings our 20 week anatomy scan. I’m just counting down the hours for the radiographer to tell us our baby has no arms or no brain or something sticking out of his/her neck. I know it’s hopelessly cynical but I just can’t shake the possibility. Good news however is that we heard a pretty decent heartbeat last week with our midwife. I thought the heartbeat would be hard to find beneath the heaviness of my Mt Vesuvius food baby Sunisha but nope, Gherkin is making himself/herself known.

We’ve decided we will find out what we’re having. As my dearest husband (DH – they say on all the baby forums – those things are a whole new world haha) would say, there’s something lovely about getting to know your baby that little bit more. We have decided though that we may not tell people. Not to be annoying and not coz we think everyone actually cares what our baby is up to, but things are so public these days that were pretty keen to keep something ours. Also, I like wearing blue and I like wearing pink. If we have a girl, she can wear blue too. If we have a boy, he can wear pink. Gender shouldn’t bear too much effect on my kids clothing.

Having a baby must be one of the most overwhelming things I’ve ever experienced. I was pretty darn stoked that I don’t get a period for 9 months but no one told me until recently that you get about 9 months worth of period in one hit… and then some. In all the lists of things to pack in your hospital bag that I can find on the internet, no one says anything about packing the most maxi of all maxi pads you can find. And speaking of lists, what about all the crap they tell you that you’ll probably need for your newborn baby? Furniture I can do but what is a sleep suit?? Is that the same as PJs or similar to a tiny person sleeping bag?? And what is a swaddle?? Is that something to do with how I walk?

I tell ya what… Google is both a blessing and a curse while pregnant. Every week I look up stages of fetal development and every week I read about miscarriages during that week of development. So much for celebrating each day Gherkin is with us eh?? Like I said, its a cynical and fearful and worrisome time. But if I’m not lazy I’ll tell you how many arms baby G has tomorrow.

Love & Peace,



2 thoughts on “Halfway baby

  1. Congrats on making it halfway! I remember being paranoid at every scan and midwife visit – just in case something was wrong.

    Those lists are a bit crap – and they never cover the things you really need. Like sanity haha. If you’re getting a swaddle/wrap get one with velcro. (and get two cuz you know the baby will pee on one so you’ll have to wash it and it won’t dry in time for the next nap) Ain’t no one got time to actually wrap a baby tight enough that they can’t escape at 1am. Serious. I still don’t know how to use a proper wrap. Also get a baby manicure kit. Their nails grow crazy fast and they are super-scratchy!!

    My two cents hehe.

    PS – coffee sometime??

    • Hahaha the manicure set is probably the only thing I know. The amount of times I could have had my eye balls scratched out by nieces and nephews. Scary man.

      There’s actually something surprisingly relieving about hitting that halfway point, watching the ultrasound and seeing baby move. Coz i can’t feel anything through all my food baby/flab lol.

      Our helpful neighbor Steve said the same thing re: lists.. that you never actually use everything on them anyway. Sounds good to me haha.

      Yes, let’s coffee soon. My baby brain totally forgot about dins pre christmas. Never have I become so accustomed to my phone calendar haha *rolls eyes*

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