Fight Mode in Flight Mode

I’m normally a pretty relaxed person. Part of that comes from being an Islander and the other is a chunk of my personality. Anxiety throws all elements of personality out the window.

I’m currently sitting on a plane in what is my first air travel with a child. actually it’s my first travel with her. So naturally I was a little bit shitting myself. She has a mighty roar. If she doesn’t like something, she will let you and the rest of the country know about it. So naturally I’ve been super scared of the rest of the plane hating on us.

I often take for granted however, that I have one of the toughest baby’s I have ever met. Born at 10 pounds 12, she’s been sick maybe once. I only noticed this 2 days ago when someone commented that big baby’s are so much easier to look after. She is a mighty kid.

Anyway, I’ve had a mantra in my head all morning:
I am capable.
She is capable.
Fake it til you make it.

And would you believe it, she slept the entire flight. 😄


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