My partner and I have known each other since we were 15 year olds. When I first told him how I felt about him (10 years later in an email), he responded with a list. He’s a list kind of guy. I think I like lists too.

Here’s a bunch of things that make up who I am and what I’m about…

– Music. I love it, from the Bluesy sounds of Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Buddy guy, and The Black Keys, to the early metal sounds of Deep Purple & Led Zeppelin; from the poetry of Radiohead & Ben Howard, to progressive alternatives like The Mars Volta; from the smooth sounds of Maxwell & Anthony Hamilton, to pop country feels like Dan + Shay. I love music. I can strum a song or two, and I pretend to play the keyboard and drums sometimes.
– Greenlife. We are learners at what it is to be environmentally friendly. To have less of an impact on the earth. We love this planet, the textures, the colours, the sounds, the smells, the tastes and would love to see it thrive for generations to come. Nearly all of the plastic that has ever been created is still existing somewhere, probably mostly in the ocean.
Food for thought.
– Parent. I am also learning to be a mother. I’m learning what it is to be a responsive parent to my toddler. My child is beautiful, funny, active, emotional, expressive and unfiltered. And for an unfiltered bunch, toddlers can be downright difficult to understand. But boy are they beautiful.
– Spiritual. We are part of a small church community who do things a little differently, exploring ideas around what makes church church, how we can be more connected with each other, in our communities, with the world. And I’m exploring what it is for me to have a faith, to have that work in (and out) as part of my personhood, attempting to be more like Jesus, because whichever way you swing it, he was a pretty rad guy.
– Multicultural. My husband and I are different ethnicities and our child is an amalgamation of the two or 5 cultures represented. We freely express language and culture in our house, in fact we encourage it.

The thing I like about lists is that they’re organic and they can keep changing. It’s a bit like the shopping list app on our separate phones. The list stays but it keeps changing as the needs change.

Maybe this list will change tomorrow.





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